The first km is steep and the average climb rate in the first 3.5 km to the summit is 80m/km.

There is only a short section of tarmac.  The remainder is on hill footpaths and tracks giving wonderful views of the Derwent Valley and surrounding hills.

A geographical fact about Masson Hill. If you go South or East, the first mountains higher than Masson would be in the South the Pyrenees and in the East the Ural Mountains in Russia! So goes the local saying 'ah lad, wind's from the Urals today'.....


For men and women:







There will be additional prizes.Yet to be decided.

Prize Giving:

There will be no official prize giving.We are aware that some people need to go when they have finished the race.As soon as we know the category age winners those runners can take their prize from the table in registration.

Please note there will be real time results on a screen in registration.

Competitor information

1. We recommend you use footwear to suit all conditions.

2.  The course is premarked but navigational skills are essential..

3.  You may be asked to wear or carry full body cover.

4.  Keep to race footpaths and stiles; the hillside is littered with old mine workings.

5.  Respect private property; do not climb over walls.  It is tempting in places but the future of the race could be jeopardised by this.

6.  No dogs on the course during the race.

7.  There may be cattle grazing.

8.  There is no liquid refreshment on the course.

9.  Close to the finish requires care.  The ground steepens; there are rocks and steps on the path. Keep off your bum! 

10.  If you are inexperienced, be sure you are able to cope with the demands of this race.

11.  Fill in the information on the back of your race number.

12. If you retire you must report this to the race organiser at the finish

Map of the race                              Area photos


All marshals will have mobile phones and will give advice and assistance if required.  There will be a first aid facility at the finish.  

Click here for FRA Organiser Safety Checklist